Nobodys gonna see this I can say what I want
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November 29, 2003 by Joe Mazzi
IF I was gonna go out and get a new Mega TV tommorow, what would I get?

Plasma ?


wait for the next a new tech to emerge?

......makes me go Hummm.
November 27, 2003 by Joe Mazzi
My first entry.

On 11/24/2003 I heard about this guy John Titor...aka:TimeTraveler0....this person said he was a timetraveler from 2036 who went to 1975 to retrieve a IBM 5100 portable computer for use in 2036.

All of his activities on the net have been archived by a few websites from 2000 to 2001, when he returned to 2036.

Very wierd that I am just finding this out after all of this time! And I have yet to find any mention anywhere except for the few sites that have "archives".